KAEX Mail list Rules of Conduct

This list has grown tremendously since its commencement online. I, must therefore create
this list of conduct so that all will receive the smoothest, most pleasant ride possible while aboard
the KAEXpress. It also takes into account the variety of email servers, computer systems, and other
variances that may exist with the many members. Please read these carefully as they are
enforced and repeated offenses can get you banned. For those of you who have already seen these, there have been some changes to those already here and new ones are added at the bottom so please read carefully too.

If you have any questions or need any of these clarified, please, by all means, contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

This list is also for general discussion of Voltron,it's characters, its variants,and other shows of relevence as well as fanfics,etc.(though tends to lean against too many Lotor discussions). It's main focus however, is the characters of Princess Allura & Captain Keith. It is an ADULT-ORIENTED list for ages 17 and over. Erotica, sexual situations, and other adult topics are discussed or written about on this list.

Please read and follow the general guidelines/etiquette rules below. Failure to follow these could eventually lead to you being removed from this list. Penalties are the final topic in the list below.

One can post fanfics and subject matter devoted to the characters above with only a few

1.)This list, DOES allow mature themes,etc. It has a special rating
of "17 and over". This list can even have a "21 and over" so I guess, no holds barred. On the rating system, this means there is potential for "hentai" or rated-X material to appear.Usually this is in the form of sexual situations or strong language. Please be respectful and tasteful to other readers, the characters, and the show itself. Just because this list is allowing free rein, please let's act like mature and responsible adults as well. If you choose to write a fic beyond "R-rating", please note it in the subject line so a list member has a chance to delete it without reading if they find this type material offensive. I will not tolerate any bashing of
fics for their content as a result. I believe in freedom of the creative mind yet I am still respect those who do not wish to experience such. If you don't want to read it, simply delete it, but do NOT try to complain or impose your beliefs on me or the author. By reading this, you received your warning of the potential of these stories to appear.

The Archive of messages is private though a special website is present for all fics that cross
this list. Don't let this stop you from writing whatever you wish to and in whatever rating
you wish. If you do not want your story in the special fic archive site, say so atop the posting
of the story.

All fics must have disclaimer and rating on them before posting. (This is due to the fact that
we don't own the characters or show and is technically copyright infringement if not

2.)Posts and fics shouldn't be larger than 30K per post. If larger then please break them
down into parts. This list does allow up to 500kb. I place a size restriction due to limitations
on load times and varying email servers. Not all members have the "latest" in technology. For images, this rule can be waived. In general, a pic can be posted without permission up to 60K.If you have something larger, email me first to see if I will give you permission to post it. As with fics, the content rules also apply.

Outside links are allowed for fics and pics since I am well aware that some may be above the stated sizings. If you have a Voltron-related site, feel free to share you link to it with list members. I do not discourage such since it is subject-related.

3.)Do not use this list as an outlet for chain mail or extensively "forwarded" messages. I
keep to this very strictly since it is technically 'spam'. If you receive a cute joke or
something and can relate it to Voltron somehow and it would not be offensive to anyone,
then I see no problem. You may wish to contact me first and send it to me just to be on the
safe side.

*4.)Please try to refrain from Lotor/Allura relationship. This list was created as a
respective and considerate outlet so that deeper or longer discussions of Keith/Allura, or
Keith subjects could occur without offending those who favor other pairings or dislike
Keith. Lotor/Allura fans already have other lists,sources,etc. dedicated to
them. Email me if you wish to know what and where they are.I'd be happy to direct you to
them as they are Voltron fans too. I have been asked about other relationships with Allura, such as Lance or Sven. I will allow these, but only to an extent. Do NOT go overboard or constantly use this list for such. An occasional one, with a forewarning at the beginning of the fic (like the fics mentioned in rule #1, should be given in respect to those who joined this list out of sole devotion for the Keith/Allura relationship.


5.)Please refrain from sending "one-liners" to the entire list. This takes up bandwidth and wastes the time of those who must "download" emails in order to read them. Send them privately to the recepient. Another way to avoid this is by keeping the original post intact and just adding your comments below it, but please add more than one sentence to that as well.

6.)Stay on topic. I know I allow 'some' off-topic posts, but I do limit or restrict these. By this, I mean, I will allow mention of another anime show or subject that is of a similar genre to Voltron, but I will not allow for the off-topic thread to go for too long. Please keep these to a minimum.

7.)Try to change the subject line when the topic changes from the initial subject of that thread.By this I mean if one thread is "Allura's gripes" and you post something related to the weapons systems of the lions using the 'reply' feature in email, then change the subject from "Allura's gripes" to something like "lion weapons."

8.)Advertising on this list. Only Voltron-related merchandise may be advertised for trade or sale on this list. If you have other merchandise,etc. available, then simply mention "and other stuff too" or something of the sort. There is enough advertising resulting from banners,etc. that sponser the server of this list and keep it a free service. There's no need to add to more frustration of such by mentioning off-topic items as well. If a list member is interested in your non-Voltron items, perhaps they will contact you personally.



1st & 2nd OFFENSES: You will receive a warning sent to you personally notifying you that you have infringed on a certain guideline. A request will follow telling you to please not do it again. I or the moderators of this list will only publically post this to the list if the infraction has potential to cause others to make it larger by joining in,etc.

3rd OFFENSE: You will receive a notification that you have repeated an offense to a guideline for a third time. As a result, you will receive a 1 week suspension from the list ,effective immediately. You will not be able to send or receive list messages,etc. During this suspension, do not complain to me or the administration of this list because of your suspension. You were warned twice already. You're an adult, you do not need to whine like a child for something you were already made aware of and told to remedy.

REPEATED OFFENSES UP TO 5: The 4th offense will be a one month suspension from the list. The 5th and final tolerance of the offense will result in PERMANENT REMOVAL FROM THE LIST.

This is all for now. If I see fit, I will add or modify the above rules and announce it to the
entire list when and if it ever occurs. Also, if the infraction is serious even on the first offense, I could permanently remove you. I will treat each infraction on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you.

List Owner/Conductor Lionesse